Walk Across A Country

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When my friend (whom I call) Crash suggested a few weeks ago that we all walk across the country of Liechtenstein, I was skeptical but was sure that it must be cool. She said that it was only a few hour walk, from west to east, starting in Switzerland and ending in Austria.

So, a few weeks later, we set off:


We caught an 8 am train from Salzburg to Buchs Switzerland, and 4 hours later, after grabbing some snacks at the grocery store, we were off, headed east. About half an hour later, we reached the Swiss Liechtenstein border!


And we walked... following the one road that would bring us to freedom!! (aka, just our trainstation in austria)


And walked... initially, it was like this, small town vibe.


And we stopped a few times for pictures:


But mostly just walked... you an see that it turned more rural:


Checking out Liechtenstein:


Group Picture! (L for Liechtenstein!!)


It was a gloomy sky but nevertheless a good group of fun people with nothing planned but to walk across a country


And we kept on walking...


The mountains on the right, and the flats to the left...




a chapel:


Walking walking walking... we stayed on the same road the whole time, occasionally crossing the road to get different views or take pictures.



What was a US Mailbox doing half way across the globe?


And finally, after 3 hours (give or take) we made it to Austria!! There wasn't really any signs, and we didn't want to walk up to the border control office and start taking pictures of the officers so this is the best we got ;) apparently the cc arm cross means cross country.. and thats what we did!


Another half hour or so of walking, and we made it to the Feldkirch Trainstation and bought a ticket back to Salzburg.

While we waited for our train, a stop by the supermarket was in order; hummus, rolls, and a small sparkling water got me excited for the train ride back.

Another four hours later, after some yummy hummus, some Harry Potter, and some sleep, We were back in Salzburg!

A full day, walking across a country!