Gaisberg, a great hike

So, Heidi and I wanted to go on a hike the other weekend. So we decided on one that one of the professors had suggested, the Gaisberg, and set out. It was 5 or 10 min on the bus (later I found out that it was manageable to walk to the mountain too, and did so) and then a 10 or 15 min walk through steep residential alleys till we got to a view like this: Cows

With beautiful views of the mountain ranges that we had never seen coming into view as we crept higher, little pastures full of cows and beautiful homes that seem to beautiful to be occupied, we were loving every minute. We also recognized which mountain/hill this was, we recognized the radio tower on the top that is visible from some of the windows on the upper floors of the center.

Then we reached the wooded path and continued to crunch the colorful fall leaves:


here's Heidi, hiking ahead:

h hiking

Eventually it changed from the deciduous forest trees to the coniferous thick trees on the rocky switchbacks. Leading to better views:

the flats

And eventually to the summit, which exposed amazing views that were just out of reach from the city of salzburg, hiding behind this mountain.

mountains shot 1


On the way down, with the light lowing and the colors spectacular, Heidi ran ahead to snap a photo:

the photographer at work

All in all, it was a really great day, a fun hike, and even better views of the Alps.

the last

Until next time, peace.