Paris School Tour

So, The paris trip was a while ago, and while it was cool to go to Paris, and France and the great places in between, the trip was long. It was long, because it wasn't just a trip, it was a school tour. We were loaded on to a coach bus and shuffled from place to place, tour to tour, museum to museum over and over again, with not enough breaks, and not enough time to properly feed ourselves.

Now, I am sure that a lot of people really liked the tour and it was great, but I am not a huge fan of big cities and so it really burnt me out. A lot. I didn't really travel a lot for a few weeks after the tour as well.

But regardless of my sour feeling for the trip, I still enjoyed moments of it, so I will share with you the generic pictures of the things we saw. Looking back, I should have taken more pictures of the smiles and the fun stuff rather then the things where you could find a better picture online somewhere.

Anyways, here goes nothing ;)

This is the cathedral in Ulm, it has the tallest Spire in the world.

Ulm Spire

Throughout all the churches and cathedrals in europe, Heidi and I have been lighting two candles, one for my late Ellie and one for her late Gemma.


Here is the town Metz, well, not all of it, I think there is more.


This is the cathedral in Metz

Metz Church

We took a tour of the Taittinger Champagne Cellars in Champagne France. (this tour was approved by UP administration because of the early christian remains in the cellar.)

There were hundreds of rooms underground, full of full bottles like this one, it was crazy:


Notre Dame in Paris:

Notre Dame

Saint Chapelle:

Saint Chapelle

I think this is called Big Ben:

Big Ben

The palace of Fontainbleau:



and again, the one and only:


Along with the churches and tours and museums and churches, we also has free time to explore each city we stopped in and then also Paris. We went to cafes and book stores, to countless crêpe stands and just plain wondering around.  We went to the famous bookstore Shakespeare and Co, on picnics, and we even went to a movie! Those were the times I really enjoyed. It was also the people that I spent a lot of time with, they are what made it fun.

Until next time (ill try and post these sooner than a month after the event)