So I haven't written in a while, I know.. but I have been busy.. well, not really. I have been working on a lot of homework and studying, and not finding much motivation to write any blog posts. This is due to a general lack of motivation here.

Although I am not usually keen on writing publicly about my emotions or anything near that, this is a big part about my past weeks and a part of my experience here in Salzburg.

Last year, I had a really good year. I did a lot to put myself in a spot, with good energy and good people and good things. All of these things, and times, and experiences made all of sophomore year, and even the summer after, awesome. I was more confident and happy and intone with myself then I had been in a long time.

This year, being in a foreign environment, along with other factors, has turned myself around a bit. The classes here are hard, in particular, my german course, which I am unanimously wrongly placed in (I am changing to an easier one next semester). There is a negative energy in my living environment. And I am not able to do as much of the active activities that I am able to do in the states. Along with countless other little things.

Now, I know that this is to be expected of studying abroad in a foreign country. But It was much worse than i guess i had expected. Now, lately, I have really been proactive to change this. I pinpointed the problems and have taken steps to remove the things I can control (ex. a lower level german class) and am doing my best to overcome and accept the factors that are out of my control.

There was days where I wanted to go back to portland and finish the year there, or straight up drop out of school. But through discussion with my parents, heidi, a friend Fr. Mark and internal pondering, I have decided to stay. (Although, mostly it was myself who had to make the decision, all of the people around me are too damn supportive and were happy with whatever I choose.)

Another thing; after choosing to stay here for the full year, Heidi and I also found out that we won a travel scholarship. We applied to go on a backpacking trip around Mt Blanc in France/Switzerland/Italy and then go Heli-skiing!!! So I am super excited for that!!! We have to do the planning yet, but we won the money, so something like that is going to happen for sure!!!

In a few weeks, after finals are over, Heidi and I are going to meet my parents in the Amsterdam airport and then spend three weeks, as well as christmas traveling Europe. I am more than excited to see them. Wow.

Here is a picture of me relaxing in my hammock that is permanently being borrowed by our friend Crash and K-dawg who have a balcony that fits it perfectly.


Here is another "classic" salzburg picture.

Another Salzburg City Shot

Here is a shot of the outdoor sport section at the local climbing hall that we joined.


and here is a picture i took of salzburg from a different direction while on a hike on the local hill.

From the top

In the next few posts, I will write about some trip and things that have happened over the past few weeks, that I have failed to write about.. you'll hear from me soon!