Ljubljana Slovenia

A long long long time ago, I went to Ljubljana Slovenia with Heidi, Crash and Kelsey. It was a fun little trip, and here are the pictures to go along:

Iphone Ljubljana07

The four of us got there, via train, went to the hostel and then began to explore.

Iphone Ljubljana08


Iphone Ljubljana21


Iphone Ljubljana09

Streets everywhere with shoes hanging from them.

Iphone Ljubljana25

Here we found a path that led up to the top of a hill.

At the top there was a castle with a view of the city..

Iphone Ljubljana27

We sat up here and watched the city for something like an hour..

Iphone Ljubljana32

Till it got dark..

Iphone Ljubljana34

The next day, we took a bus, cramped full of people, to lake Bled, where we wandered around, and then ate pizza at this little bar on the edge of town:

Iphone Ljubljana39

It was really yummy!

Iphone Ljubljana40

Then we walked around the lake, and then Heidi and I went Stand-Up-Paddleboarding and Crash and Kelsey went in a row boat, and then we went swimming.

Iphone Ljubljana41

It was a really fun day, we got dinner at an italian restaurant, and went and checked out a little market and then went back to the hostel later that night

Iphone Ljubljana46

It was a really fun day at lake Bled. and the trip to ljubljana wasn't too bad either. :)