Wien Vienna

So— on my way to Ljubljana or something like that so I figured that I better write about my trip to vienna two weeks ago. I guess I haven't really posted anything yet because I have been so busy with school work. Classes here are much harder than any classes I have had back in Portland. Even if they are only two-hundred level classes. (Ugh).

Staying pent up in the center is similar to prison, so when our friends Crash and K-dawg (Catherine and Kelsey) suggested something, Heidi and I were all in!

I feel like I am just along for the ride, I am not exactly sure of any of the plans.. Where are we going?

But that needs to be saved for the next post, I need to write about Vienna!

Here goes:

After sitting on a tour bus for a buncha hours, with one stop along the way, we got to vienna and began our tours of tours with the Schonbrunn palace and the Belvedair where we had tour guides and saw loads of art and history and artifacts. Some of it was really really interesting and some of it was really really boring. All in all, it is pretty neat to see all the history in these big big, ya know, buildings.

Then we got free time for the rest of the evening. Found some Indian food and walked to the Danube rivers and maybe wandered our way down to both the regular and the new Danube and touched em..



The next day started with a some art. We learned about Hundertwasser, an artist that I really liked, and Heidi really loved. He was sorta like the first green artist who started relatively realistic and then became more and more abstract. Everything from his paintings to his architecture consisted of curves and natural movement and lots of color. The Museum that all of his work is in is a building built by him, he puts trees inside and the floors are not flat and everything is great. He had lots of idea and projects that incorporated nature and architecture together :) Anyways, cool stuff.


Let me think— other things that we did in Vienna... Wandered around the city and saw st. Stephens church a bunch.

We got good coffee and food and deserts. Went to a book store and a few of us got some books.

One night, everyone got all fancied up and we went to the vienna opera house and saw the ballet performance of swan lake. That was really fun. Every seat in the large large opera house seemed to be good, the seats a few of us had were in the gallery which is the second balcony, but we were in the center so we could look down toward the dancers and the orchestra and it was a great experience. I really liked it.



On the way back to salzburg the next day, we stopped at the Benedictine monetary in Melk. This was cool for me because I had been there when I was an early teen, so it was neat to see things I had already seen.



Until next time. Peace:)