Off I Go

To Europe I go! I am going to be studying one year in Salzburg, Austria. The program is a culture program through the University of Portland. There is a small campus called the center where I will eat sleep and have class.

I have packed up a small bit of clothes and a large amount of gear. A large portion of my climbing gear, some ski touring gear, and some camping gear. Here, I have a few pictures all packed up and ready to limp to the airport:




So I flew from MSP Minnesota to Iceland, and then from Iceland to Frankfurt, Germany.

In Frankfurt, Heidi, who had already been there a week, picked me up from the airport and we took the bus/train south to a little town called Heppenheim where Heidi's Oma lives.

The next day, Heidi and I, barely made it onto the train with all our gear, which now also included a ski bag. 6 hours later, and a big taxi van, we made it to the Center, tired and ready (maybe) to start this adventure.

The reason why this post is so late, is because the wifi at the center is very poor. And this is the first opportunity I have had to upload.

More to come soon. :P