Dirt, Dirt and Some Mud

My last day working at the the bike shop was wednesday. That was a sad day, I really have loved working there, it has been four years or something like that. The friendships that I have made there will last a lifetime, those guys are really really great. Anyways, last day of work on wednesday so I had 4 days free before I'm out of this town. Thursday, Brian and I went up to Duluth to ride mountain bike. We started the day at some new trails that were fun, we rode there for an hour or so and then went out to lunch.

This is the view from the ridge looking over Duluth:


Lunch was at Luće's, and a vegan bbq pineapple pizza was amazing :)

After lunch, we went to Spirit Mountain, bought our lift tickets and geared up. This was the first time Brian or I had ever ridden lift assisted downhill mountain bike trails, it was gnarly. I wish I had a GoPro or POV camera to share what the trails were like but it was fast, steep, oober flowy and seriously gnarly. Basically lots of brake usage and no pedalling.

Although I don't have much for trail shots, here is a picture of brian riding up the ski lift:



One section had some manageable ladder drops and lines, here goes Brian:


So much fun and so much mud


The next day, I drove up to Bemidji Minnesota to hang out with my buddy Sam. We had a blast mountain biking on some local trails up there. We even ran into Noah, a coworker from the bike shop. Here are a couple pictures: