Sailing the Apostle Islands

The family and I are currently driving home after an enjoyable vacation aboard South Twin.South Twin is a 33 foot Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Cruising Sailboat.

Here is a picture of North Twin (the same model and year):


We got to Bayfield, Wisconsin around 10pm Sunday night and quietly loaded and boarded South Twin and hit the hay so we could wake up bright and early.

Here is a picture of papa in his fancy harsh weather top:


This particular marina is in the Apostle Islands which is an area of islands on lake superior. It's really nice to sail around this area because the several miles of islands protect you from the nasty weather and waves of the big open waters.

Katlyn snuggled up with a blanket:


Monday, we woke up to rain that eventually turned to drizzles. And because the wind wasn't looking very good either, we just chilled and didn't get out of the marina till around noon. A little cruising around but not a lot of wind so by dinner time, we headed back to the slip and called it a day, still fun though. Dinner and a movie on sisters laptop. Then off to bed.

Momma with her book, as per usual:


Weather looked more promising Tuesday and Wednesday so we left the slip in the morning and headed north. As a storm seemed to approach, we set anchor in the late afternoon, on the south side of Oak Island, protected from the wind and weather. We ended up staying here for the night.

The next day, the sun came up, the winds were barely better than the previous days. But regardless, any wind is better than no wind.

Eventually made our way back to the marina.


Until next time. Fun time :)