Vegan Bow Fishing Adventure

Went bow fishing with Sammy. We left around 9:30 pm and got to Clearwater lake public water access around 10. After fishing the north areas near the landing for a couple hours, around midnight we decide to motor on down to the south side of the lake, to see if we would have any better luck.
We did see a carp, Sam got it! Awesome, we thought we might have more luck, but unfortunately no, that was it, nothing to be seen. The problem we were having was that the water was so murky that our lights wouldn't penetrate.
Around 2 am we decide to head back north and stop along the way to hit up more spots.
A few minutes into the drive up, the motor looses power makes some weird noise and starts to smoke and stream. Crap.
We were not having good luck. The trolling motor was starting to die on us earlier too. Double crap.
We trimmed up the motor, dropped the troller and stared putting back at 1.38 mph according to the gps.

By 3 am, both our phones were dead, we had crossed a shallow line of bog, the trolling motor was on its last leg and we were still a ways out from the landing.

Around 4, we started to paddle to assist the trolling motor for the last 300 yards.

Not ideal, but definetly an adventure. In bed by 5am, had to shut the blinds in my room because it was already getting light out.