Swiftwater Rescue Class 2

So yesterday, Friday the 27th of June, got off of work after closing and threw all my boating gear together, lunch for the next day, everything and then drove out to Brian's house.Upon arriving, Brian didn't seem to behaving an awesome time, he was having electrical issues but with a quick diagnosis, a run to get some hardware and some flashlight holding, it turned out okay.

The unexpected late night with the electrical didn't contribute well to the already early morning but that was okay. We got to Jim falls, Wisconsin just barely on time, and suited up for the class.


The swiftwater class was pretty fun, and rewarding. We started the day off with a couple hours out of the water talking about rope techniques, foot entrapments, z drags, etc. and spent another couple hours in the water without boats, then ended the class with some boating. All in all, learned a bunch and had a lot of fun.






The day ended with a 3 hour drive home, but a few minutes in Brian looks at me confused and says that the brakes don't work?! Luckily, his honda civic has an emergency brake. We decided that this situation was an emergency so he used that brake to stop. After a few calls, a look under the car, a trip to the hardware store for more brake fluid, we confirmed that the brake lines had a leak. So we limped the car, using the e-brake, over to Brian's in-laws, dropped the car off at a local shop, and borrowed a car to get back home.

Man, what a day. Anyways. Im working on this blog posting writing thing.